Monday, May 28, 2007

Security in Plantation

Incident of robbery and murdered happened on 17 December 2006 in Leepang A Estate, Muadzam Shah has alerted all the top managements for all the plantation companies in Malaysia.

Can this tragedic be avoided? The answer should be "Yes". Let us review back when the Planterprepare the estimate for the next finance year. How much we as a Planter budgetted for AuxiliaryPolice (AP)? Please ask ourselve by sincerely. Why we need to take a risk for your company? Top management only know to see the figure in account and how many profit can be absorded fromyour operating centre. They will attempt to cut off the estimate you allocated.

I used to see estate or mill's manager to recruit watchman rather than a AP. We need to understand that the power of AP and watchman. Cost management is important in running a operating centreand I have been go through the environment.

Look at the bank sector. How many AP the Banker recruited for their security? The Bank compound issmall and they are able to recruit enough AP for their security. Why no to estate? People can say that bank is full of money. How about estate? Estate is more valueable than bank. If youknow about rubber or oil palm price that you will know how costly the estate in this moment.

Theft have been occured either in oil palm or rubber plantation because the demanding of thesemain crop where these two crop contribute the major income for our nation.
I still remember when I was a Planter in one of the small operating centre and there is only 2AP to take care of estate. Can they run their duty in proper way? Are the Planter cheating ourselve.
Some smart manager recruited watchmen to replace AP. Some even smart use foreign Indonesia workeras watchman by paying lower rate. This is cheap method to reduce your operating cost. Imaging suddenly,there is a robbery occurred on the night and perhaps it happened to the victim. What the watchmancan do?

Do no forget robber come with gun, no by knive. In Malay phrase, they used to mention that "prepare an umbrella before rain."
Recruitment of AP should tally review by top management and it should recruited by a profesionalbody where AP need a proper training before posted to estate. Some time AP can not able to shootduring shooting training. Can this kind of AP to protect estate property?

Please think my all dear planter. We work hard for employee and do not become a hero where I cansay it will end out with death. After you dead, no people will appeciate your effort and blame you for careless in management.

What is the meaning of "manager"? If you still do not know your role as manager. Please ask yourselfnow. Should we explode us or your family in danger. Is it worthy!

Dear Planter, we are the great person. We always lead and towards success. This article no to condemn the security system in plantation. I would like the employer or top management to reviewthe security in their opearting centre. A operating centre can not run in smooth without a manager,thus please take care manager and his assistant. Thank you.

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