Monday, December 4, 2006

Proud of your Professional title

Planter is well recognized as a Professional organization. They plant rubber, oil palm, and fruit where they create a lot of work opportunity to Malaysian since from those days. Plantation is a not a sunset industry and now with the bio-diesel, plenty of investor pump their money in this industry.

In Malaysia, the entire Planter member is register under Institution of Planter (ISP). ISP has been organized a lot of activities for the Planter and the effort is highly appreciated.

However, let us look at others professional body. I code a few well know Professional body in this world such as Engineer, Architect and Surveyor.

They are proud with their organization of the given title to them. Example Member of Engineer is entitled with title “IR”, Architect with title “AR” and recently, Surveyor in Malaysia managed to get the Title of “SR”. How about Planter?

Perhaps Planter will say they not need the title because the worker will automatic greet them as “Tuan” in Malay or “Sir” when they join as a planter career.

No doubt this is a great title but it does not recognized. Believe me, when you are using the recognized title. People will view from other angle because the simple 2 wording can represent you as a Professional.

Hence, I would like the ISP will work on the title for the entire member.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

How to get a Fresh Vegetable in your garden?

Fresh vegetable is good for human health and the best is organic vegetable. Today I will show a few photos regading cooking vegetable in my garden.

It is simple and can be planted by everybody especially to a housewife. As we understand that a lot of farmers are using chemical on their vegetable and it is harm to human health. Organic vegetable is very expensive at the market and the best solution is to get the vegetable seed and plant on you own. Treat it as your gardening activities. Enjoy planting vegetable because the taste of vegetable you planted will be difference. You are eating your fresh and organic vegetable. You can guarantee the vegetable is freely from chemical. Am I right?

  1. Hence, go to nearby supermarket and buy the vegetable seed you want to plant. But ensure the market is selling high quality seed. For starting, I recommend to start with a small packet to try the germinate rate of the seed.

  2. You need a plastic box to fill in the soil. Use fertile soil where the color should be in black color as you can see in the photo. You can get from nearby supermarket or nursery.

  3. Sow the seed into the water and after 10 minute; throw away the floating seeds because there are low quality seed.

  4. After that, you can use the balance seeds for your planting materials.

  5. Ensure that no ant is around the compound because they will take away your seed as their food.

  6. Ensure you cover the seed with soil, do not allow explosion of sun light.

  7. No deep planting. Deep planting will delay the growth of the plant.

  8. Do watering on morning and evening daily unless rain.

  9. Transplants the seed after 6 inch (about 2 weeks) where you can see the plant have minimum 2 leaves.

  10. Keep a distance between the plants about a foot to allow the vegetable will get enough sunlight when they grow.

  11. Wait until the vegetable grow as tall as in the above picture and you can start harvest.

    I wish by above method you will be success in vegetable planting in garden. Thank you for read my article.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Continue from Natural Oganic fertiliser

It is not a mushroom. Is cow dung. I sure a lot peolpe don't like this dirty method to manual their plant but believe me. It is good for the plant but premix with soil before manual. My mum use to manual her orkid with cow dung. The worst part is she buy the cow dung because it is nature organic. No harm to human. hahaha....there is my mum. Orkid lover.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Natural organic fertiliser

Guest what is this? High content of N. Good for plant. Cheap and easy to find. Let you know tomorrow.

Melaka Planter

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