Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old friends from Paloh, Johor

Yesterday, I drop by at Paloh Town to meet some of my old friends.

The Nam Lee coffee shop owner. According to him, he already not want to retire, the moment he still can walk...he still want to work until the last day. However, he close the shop a bit early than previuosly. 4 o'clock he will shut down the coffee shop.

We (KLK group) used to come here for evening drink during I was in Paloh.

This is Ah Loh's son. 20 year......can marry already. I still remember his father used to bring him to my estate/office. During that period, he still a teenage, thin and short. But now he is taller and stronger than me.

Ah Loh.....Replanting contractor. Most of the relanting work in Kekayaan is carried out him. hardworking and reable man.

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