Sunday, July 20, 2008

Important of Grant title for Oil palm small holder

Recently, one of my customers is chasing me for QT. He said he wants to do replanting for his oil palm plantation. I also wonder why he chases me for QT because he can do without waiting me for QT. I met him on the following week and realized that how important of title to this small holder.

What is QT? QT stands for qualify title or in layman term it call by temporary grant. Every land or property needs a title. This piece of paper content of ownership information, lot number, area and the most important is annual tax. With this piece of paper, you can get loan from bank or do any trading such as sell or buy property.

Similarly to my customer, he wants QT to apply subsidy from RISDA. I think this subsidy are not aware by many small holders either your land planted with oil palm or rubber. You are entitled with government subsidy. The amount is no small and it really can assist you when you do replanting where replanting cost is huge.

The other information I need to share is when you are sharing a title with somebody. You do not have the right to sell or borrow loan from bank and also apply in RISDA application. This is normal problem face by small holders, they used to blame government and complaint that government can not give them grant.

If you have this problem, please do not worry and there is a solution to get your own title. The process is call partition survey where the title split into number of lot accordingly to the application. Please bear in mind that this application only can be carried out by Licensed Land Surveyor.

I wish my article is useful to the entire small holder.


  1. Apply RISDA subsidy when replanting
  2. Get the QT for the application
  3. The title should be your own name
  4. Sharing title is no allowed
  5. Get Licensed Land Surveyor to assist

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