Wednesday, January 9, 2008

My gardener

This is my gardener when I was in Sg Jernih Estate. I can say that Sarawathy (her name but I used to greet her as "Achi", "Achi" means aunty in Tamil language) is a hardworking woman I have seen in my life.
Her husband left her with a daughter but as a mother, she believed that she can survive if she work hard.
Even though, she greet me as "aya" (estate worker need to solute the officer as sir) but I treat her as part of my family. I understand that she need more money to support her daughter. Thus, as a top management, I will give her a lot work that she can earn. She never refuse my work and always work in neat. she is the best worker in my life as planter.


McBudu said...

When KLK bought over Kerling Estate from Guthrie, I was sent to South Division as the first KLK Assistant manager in Charge. Kerling then was divided into 2 estates, South Division eventually became Sg Jernih Estate. When we decided that name, we were just look at the estate map and notice a river by name of Sg Jernih, we proposed to the MD (then Mr Ong Beng Kee) and he agreed. There it goes Sg jernih Estate.

I was staying in the Bungalow on top of the hill for a year, before a new manager came. So I had to move out.

I have then renovated and upgraded a staff house near the Tamil School (Close to the labour Quarters)and stay there before transfered to Bukit Dato in Segamat, the last posting before I left plantation.

Melvin Rodri said...

it must have been real great living in that hilltop bungalow in south div.
I was there for a short stint in early 80's..when guthrie owned it...lovely durians from a couple of trees there too