Monday, December 4, 2006

Proud of your Professional title

Planter is well recognized as a Professional organization. They plant rubber, oil palm, and fruit where they create a lot of work opportunity to Malaysian since from those days. Plantation is a not a sunset industry and now with the bio-diesel, plenty of investor pump their money in this industry.

In Malaysia, the entire Planter member is register under Institution of Planter (ISP). ISP has been organized a lot of activities for the Planter and the effort is highly appreciated.

However, let us look at others professional body. I code a few well know Professional body in this world such as Engineer, Architect and Surveyor.

They are proud with their organization of the given title to them. Example Member of Engineer is entitled with title “IR”, Architect with title “AR” and recently, Surveyor in Malaysia managed to get the Title of “SR”. How about Planter?

Perhaps Planter will say they not need the title because the worker will automatic greet them as “Tuan” in Malay or “Sir” when they join as a planter career.

No doubt this is a great title but it does not recognized. Believe me, when you are using the recognized title. People will view from other angle because the simple 2 wording can represent you as a Professional.

Hence, I would like the ISP will work on the title for the entire member.

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